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There’s no better time for music than the summer. As every Bruce Springsteen fan knows, nothing beats driving with the top down, roaring along to Born to Run. We want to take this opportunity to get everybody singing this summer. Your spirits will soar, and you’ll find even more joy in the great weather. Here’s a few ideas to have a singalong summer this year!

Do you work outside, on a farm, orchard, or doing landscaping? Working in a team is a great opportunity to sing together. Work songs are easy to learn, and they’re lots of fun as well. A lot of them are super old as well, so you’re getting a little bit of history in the mix! Lest anyone think this is a silly gimmick, work songs have a number of real tangible benefits. Number one, they make you a better singer. You’ll learn better projection, you’ll learn how to harmonize and sing in rounds. All that singing works the left side of your brain, which makes you more focused and alert as the day goes by.  The best part is, singing helps you get into a steady rhythm, which actually helps you work faster over the course of a day. That same rhythm is a great boost for teamwork, as well, since you’ll all be in sync.

Don’t know any work songs? No problem! You can find plenty of helpful tutorials and recordings on Youtube. And ask around-nearly everybody learned a few in elementary school. This is a great test for your memory.

Of course, work songs are only really appropriate if you’re doing repetitive manual labor that doesn’t require much talking. For other work, turn on the radio! It’s a good opportunity t share your favorite music and talk art with your coworkers. Just remember to take it in turns, since not everybody has the same taste.

Campfire singalongs are our other favorite summer pastime. You almost certainly have someone in your friend group who plays guitar, so take the opportunity to make a fire, get some dogs for roasting. Maybe some marshmallows and beers, and have a campfire music night! It’s a great way to get everybody singing. You can do songs in a group, or everyone can bring out their party piece. You don’t have to be an expert guitarist, either. Just grab a guitar, and get ready with some cowboy chords.

Of course, it’s easier to learn if you’ve got the right instrument. Make sure you find the best acoustic guitar. Ideally, the best acoustic guitar for beginners will be playable, with a big bold sound that makes everyone feel like James Taylor. More 

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The Art of the Doodle:

Today, we’re talking about the Art of the Doodle. Now, we know, doodling isn’t exactly High Art by any traditional measure. However, we want to give it a boost and help this much-maligned pastime get the praise it deserves. Doodling has recently been shown in studies to have great psychological effects, boost focus and productivity, as well as giving you a bigger left brain workout, whatever you’re doing.


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